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We love dogs dearly, but keep their doodoo iq option out of the lake just as you keep out your own. Watch these two videos below to find out why:
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What Is LOWA

The Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance, LOWA Inc. is a proactive iq option login group of local residents formed to protect and preserve our lakes and watershed. Prevention is better than repairing problems economically, health-wise, and for safety. Read about the Elements of LOWA to learn more about the dangers and our solutions to preserve the lakes watershed.


Citizens will preserve, protect, and improve the https://brainytrading.net.in Lake of the Ozarks, its Watershed and natural resources, while maintaining our economic, social, and environmental health.

Who Are The People of LOWA?

Concerned citizens,like you and me, are the backbone of LOWA. If you are not now active within LOWA, we encourage you to join us in our effort to maintain the high quality of life we within this watershed enjoy. You can do so now,on-line by going here: Sign-Up.

Meet the People of LOWA

Officers and LOWA Element Chairs who are a special group of dedicated people who can use your help in meeting the objectives of LOWA.

LOWA began when 18 local, state, & federal agencies joined together to hold several public meetings around the lake. These agencies have agreed to continue as Technical Advisors, but clearly want the citizens to lead! The intent was to see if there was any interest in starting a citizen led watershed group for Lake of the Ozarks. Many of these groups are forming nationally to protect and preserve our waterways and lakes.

Donna Swall stepped forward as the hero of this new organization and has since led it within a short few years to be the most outstanding watershed organization in Missouri. On Dec. 28, 2012, the Lake Expo Web-newspaper published the following article on Donna. Read "Donna Swll: Friend of the Lake."

LOWA is a proactive group of local residents formed to protect and preserve our lakes and watershed.
Prevention is better than repairing problems economically, health-wise, and for safety. LOWA became incorporated: August 3, 2006

About A Watershed

What is a Watershed?

(See PDF of Watershed Map)

A watershed is an area of land where the runoff from rain and snow will ultimately drain to a particular stream, river, wetland, or other body of water. Healthy watersheds provide plentiful drinking water supplies, habitat for fish and wildlife, and water for irrigation, industry, or recreation activities. Without clean water supplies, our society would be radically changed from what it is today. Standards for a healthy watershed are easily defined by �yes� answers to two important questions. Is the lake or river clean enough for fish to thrive? Can you swim in it?

What is Watershed Management?

Few communities are alone in a watershed. They are each affected by activities of neighboring communities, towns, and cities � upstream or downstream, uphill or down hill � in a common watershed. A watershed approach brings diverse interests and resources together to solve common problems.

Why Care About Watersheds?

All water is recycled water, whether by nature or by people. The quality and quantity of our water is always at risk. Changes in land use which increase the amount of impervious surfaces, such as more pavements and rooftops, increase runoff volume and velocity, causing increased flooding and erosion. Impervious surfaces also prevent water from soaking into the ground and replenishing groundwater supplies within a watershed.

LOWA: Protecting Our Asset

Our watershed is a complex set of locations determined by geography. The full �Master Watershed� was originally established by Lewis and Clark. On orders from President Jefferson, they were to map out a water route to the Pacific. Lewis and Clark actually were mapping out what is now called the Missouri Watershed of which our lake is a part.

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