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Current Date and time: 23/07/2013 - 18:15pm


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Format Change in LOWA Public Meetings

Since the beginning of LOWA, regularly scheduled general public meetings have served us well. However, LOWA is now serving the Lake community in many diverse ways and also in some cases in specific locations. Because of this it has become evident that we need a change in how and when meetings are scheduled and in for which specific audience the meeting is aimed. Everyone is still welcome to attend any and all meetings announced here or in the media and we will still have "general public meetings" but those will be less frequent and not on a scheduled basis.

Check here frequently for future meeting announcements and attend those which are of interest to you.


Come Learn and Earn Up to 50% Off Your Next Septic Tank Pump-out

You may attend any one of four planned workshops around the Lake. The first of these will be on May 17, 11:30 am at The Stables at Cannon Smoked in Sunrise Beach (Corner of 5-39 and Hwy 5). Si See flyer with details here.
RSVP is required to attend the May 17 luncheon and workshop and you must do so by May 13.
SIGN-UP HERE or call 573-280-2296.

Dates for the other three workshops are as follow:

  • June 1st, Saturday at 11:30: 11:30 AM TO 1:30 PM
    WHERE: Camden on the Lake �Toads�
    (2359 Bittersweet Rd, Lake Ozark)
    RSVP NEEDED by May 29
    See flyer with details here.
    RSVP is required to attend the June 1 luncheon and workshop and you must do so by May 29.
    SIGN-UP HERE or call 573-280-2296. location to be determined later
  • June 12th, Wednesday at 11:30, location to be determined later
  • June 29th, Saturday at 11:30, location to be determined later


April 2013 Meetings and Events

Kayak Launch Party April 18 ...read more

E-waste Pick-up April 27 in Osage Beach ...read more


Past Events

March 19 TVEs for a Healthy Lake
(Training Meeting for TVEs) and Native Plant Sale

When?: March 19 2013 6:00 pm
Where?: Escolla Room of the Lodge of the Four Seasons
Meeting Purpose:


Landscape for a Healthy Lake, March 5 2013
(see Video of this Meeting)
Author, television host, professor to speak at healthy lake conference March 5

Event went great and very well atteded with about 90 people present.

  • WHEN?: Tuesday March 5 at 5 p.m.
  • Where?: Tan-Tar-A in Building D Suite G
  • Purpose?: Learn from the experts about landscaping techniques most effective in our Ozark rocky soils and steep terrain and how these techniques can help protect our lake from runoff pollution.
  • Keynote Speaker: Dave Tylka (read bio)

RSVP is required to attend the 5 p.m. dinner

The Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance, LOWA, has scheduled a Landscape for a Healthy Lake Conference 5 p.m., Tuesday, March 5 in Suite G at the Tan-Tar-A Family Resort in Osage Beach.

The general public, landscapers, lawn care professionals and rock workers are invited to come to the free conference and dinner and hear renowned experts speak on the newest and smartest landscape techniques that thrive in our rocky and steep Ozark terrain. Learn how to use rain gardens and beautiful deep-rooted Missouri native plants that require little maintenance or water to slow down rainwater runoff and reduce lake pollutants. Educators will also speak about using landscape techniques and rip rap to stop property and seawall erosion from the constant pounding Lake wave-action.

Dave Tylka, professor of native landscaping, zoology and Ozark ecology

Photo of Dave Tylka

Read Bio

The keynote speaker is Dave Tylka. Tylka is a semi-retired Professor of Biology at St. Louis Community College at Meramec, where he taught full-time for more than 20 years. He still teaches native landscaping, field zoology and Ozark ecology courses.

Educator, biologist, author and photographer

In 2002, he wrote the Missouri Conservation Department book, �Native Landscaping for Wildlife and People.� Dave has also written several popular pamphlets on backyard landscaping, bird feeding, and butterfly gardening. As a widely recognized educator, biologist, nature author, and photographer, he brings together a wealth of information on native species and ideas that can inspire any landscaper.

Television program host and producer

Tylka was the first St. Louis Urban Biologist for the Missouri Conservation Department, a position he held for 14 years. While with the Conservation Department, he also co-produced and hosted �All Outdoors� on Channel 11 in St. Louis.

Conference subjects include;
  1. Using native plants and landscaping to beautify property, benefit wildlife and manage stormwater runoff.
  2. The Filtrexx Grow Soxx�, a compost sock used to manage storm water, that is considered �gold in a grow sock� by scientists due to the nutrient rich dirt inside that helps plants to grow �anywhere,� including a steep rocky Ozark hillside.
  3. The Rain Reserve� catchment devices that are used in capturing water, and why Lake property owners should care about �disconnecting downspouts�

A notable panel of experts will also be available to answer questions on the following subjects:

  • Ameren Missouri�s Georganne Bowman on shoreline vegetation
  • Schultz Surveying and Engineering�s Mike DeLong on managing rain water run-off through engineering
  • The University of Missouri Extension Office�s Bob Broz on soil erosion
  • Local landscaping experts on LOWA Low Impact Landscapes (LILs) and rip rap

Learn about how you can save up to $900 on landscaping and rip rap, and free soil samples and property evaluations:

Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about, and register for, LOWA�s Cost Share Landscaping Program, �Green$ for Greenery� where they can receive:

  • Free soil samples analysis
  • Free evaluation of their property by a Trained Volunteer Evaluator (TVE).
  • Free expert advice on the best landscapes for their individual property by a TVE.
  • Up to $900 off on landscaping and rip rap.
  • A free LOWA LILs Lake Protector Sign for their yard

Don�t wait until spring:

The cost share program is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Light refreshments will be available:

A light dinner will be provided. The RSVP deadline for dinner is Saturday, March 3. For more information or to register for the free conference call 573 280-2296, or email mjdoores@onemain.com

See Meeting Flyer Agenda

learn more about LOWA LILs

Partner businesses in the cost share program are required to attend this program.

"We are urging our 'Friends of the Lake' to bring neighbors, landscapers and employees. This is probably the best learning opportunity we have brought to the lake since LOWA began. We are pulling out all the big guns, don�t miss this opportunity," said LOWA Executive Director Donna Swall.


Past Meetings and Events

Last Public Meetng of 2012; agenda below

Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance, Inc. (LOWA)
Public Meeting November 19, 6:30 pm
Sunrise Beach Fire Protection Bldg, Sunrise Beach MO.

Rain Barrels and Beyond with LOWA

(subject of LOWA Nov. 19, 2012 meeting)

LOWA, the Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance, will be hosting their last public meeting of the year on Monday, Nov. 19, 2012 at 6:30 pm at the Sunrise Beach Fire Building off Lake Rd. 5-32. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy hearing Omar Galal of RainReserve™ speak about some amazing rainwater catchment systems � Beyond Rain Barrels!

Also enjoy LOWA's Project Manager, Caroline Toole, sum up LOWA's year and their exciting Green$ for Greenery cost share landscaping program � it�s all about reducing the amount of stormwater runoff reaching the lake and keeping our beautiful lake beautiful and healthy! For more information call Mary Jo Doores at 573-280-2296.

Green$ for Greenery
Half off your Low Impact Landscape Bill up to $2500 off

Green$ for Greenery � LOWA's cost share incentive program for landscaping projects that help to keep our Lake healthy by reducing the amount of stormwater runoff reaching the lake � will be the main topic for LOWA's September public meeting.

LOWA LILs: LILs are Low Impact Landscapes like rain gardens and terraced gardens designed to catch runoff in the yards, rain barrels that catch the rainwater from the gutters, pervious pavements that let the rain soak through rather than running off, and vegetated buffer strips along the water or property line that help slow and filter the stormwater runoff are all examples of LOWA LILs � low impact landscaping measures that help to slow down the stormwater runoff and give that runoff a chance to soak into the ground or be filtered by plants before that stormwater and all its contaminants reaches the Lake.

LOWA's cost share program works like this: The cooperating landscape company donates 10% off the top of the total qualifying bill; LOWA's grant kicks in 40% of the total qualifying bill; and that leaves the property owner with only half of the bill to pay. Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Show us your plans and we can help you reduce your costs of materials and equipment. This offer will be good through 2012.

Kayak Meet-Up Saturday at HaHa Tonka cove.

Watch here for future details. Kayak Meet-ups will commence once a month again next Spring. Everyone is invited and it is free to all. Kayaks will be available for those of you who want to try it out. We think you'll love it and want to join in on the sport.

Come join us for a morning of kayaks and canoes at LOWA's Kayak Meet Up, October 13, 2012 at 9 am until noon at the Ha Ha Tonka Spring shelter house.

Rain Barrel Winner

David Reinke won the rain barrel
donated by Home Depot.
David Reinke Build Your Own Rain Barrel

Recent and Past Events

Attorney General's Symposium: Aug 17 and 18, 2010

Protecting Water Quality at the Lake of the Ozarks:
An Environmental Road Map for the Future
Held Aug. 17 and 18, 2010 at Lake of the Ozarks
See Attorney General's Web Page for detailed info.

Your Comments Are Requested by the Attorney General

You may Comment Here and we will forward your comments to the Attorney General's office or you may go direct to the Attorney General's Web Page and comment there.

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