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See below for detailed information as to how this cost-share program works.

What Is The Cost Share Program What Are LOWA Lils? Cost Share Details
How It Works Trained Volunteer Evaluator Cost Share FAQs
Be A Demo Site Info for the Professional Pre-Approval Form
Sign-up Form

Note Change in Cost-share Incentive Program

Tremendous response to the generous cost-share program has over-whelmed us. It has therefore become necessary to reduce the subsidy originally offered to the following:

For those in the grant focus area
(from Bagnell Dam to the 18.8 mile mark)
For those outside the grant focus area:
Grant will pay 10% of total cost up to a maximum of $400
Supplying company will pay another 10% up to a maximum of $400.
Pre-approval is required
No payment from grant
Supplying company will pay 10% up to a maximum of $500
Pre-approval required.

Support These Cost-Share Partners

ROCKWORKS, phone Mark at 573-280-7654

Rock Works Logo Rocks Works

OASIS TREE, phone Israel at 573-789-2556

Oasis Tree Landscapers Oasis Tree Landscapers

Heartland Landscape,
phone Ben at 573-216-0988

Heartland Landscape
Heartland Landscape

phone Bill at 573-964-6515

Cost-share Incentive Program

In LOWA's Cost-Share Incentive Program, LOWA can provide discounted landscaping and lawncare services through partnering businesses and LOWA's 319 Healthy Lake grant for everyone participating in The LOWA LILs Project.

What are LOWA LILS?

LOWA LILs — LILs are Low Impact Landscapes

To learn more aabout LOWA LILs, see LOWA LILs, and Beautiful Yards for a Healthy Lake.

LOWA LILs are measures individuals can take to help control and reduce the amount of stormwater runoff reaching the lake.

LOWA LILs include the beautiful native perennial plants at very attractive prices, available to everyone participating in The LOWA LILs Project.

Want a

  • Rain garden?
  • Rain barrels?
  • Vegetated Buffer Strips?
  • Pervious pavers?
  • Filtrexx Soxx?

LOWA's Cost-Share Program can put you together with landscaping companies and lawncare companies that understand The LOWA LILs Project, and are ready to do their part as well in keeping our Lake beautiful and healthy, by offering discounted services to everyone participating in The LOWA LILs Project.

LOWA's Trained Volunteer Evaluators

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Need help with a design? Want free consultations for using LOWA LILs for runoff and erosion control? LOWA's Trained Volunteer Evaluator (TVE) Program can help you out. TVEs will come out to your place and provide free consultations about LOWA LILs, runoff control, and native perennials.

Would you just like to get some native perennial plants to use in your own landscaping designs, LOWA LIL designs, rain garden designs, etc?

Click here to sign up for more information Or call 573-280-2296

Green$ For Greenery

Save $ Money $ on Lake Friendly Landscaping:

  1. The project must meet LOWA Low Impact Landscapes (LILs) goals of reducing or controlling storm water runoff.
  2. LOWA Landscape Professional Partner gives a 10% discount on their services
  3. LOWA kicks in another 10% up to a miximum of $400 of the landscaper's bill
  4. In addition to the cost-share program, LOWA also provides access to beautiful native plants at very attractive low prices that can also help to reduce the total bill

Here is how the program works:

Also see sign-up form

  1. LOWA will send a team of Trained Volunteer Evaluators (TVEs — see separate link) to meet with you to discuss your needs and plans. This team will work with you through all of the steps of the process to assist with questions and documentation required to receive the cost-share funds.
  2. A pre-approval form must be filled out with the help of the TVE team and signed by the home or business owner. This form includes a description of the project, sketch of the plan, and a written cost estimate from the landscaper.
    Download the pdf Pre-Approval Form, print it, read the instructions carefully, fill it out as instructed, sign it, scan it, and email the scanned copy to Project Director Caroline Toole at ckingtoole@yahoo.com or mail it to:
    LOWA Inc.
    P.O. Box 836
    Sunrise Beach MO 65079
  3. LOWA will return the form with approved dollar amounts to the home or business owner
  4. When the work is completed the landscaper, home or business owner will notify LOWA
  5. A TVE will return to the property to confirm that the project was completed as approved at the start of the project
  6. LOWA pays the landscaper the amount specified in the pre-approval

How Do I Get the Process Started?

Contact LOWA by filling out this on-line form or call Donna Swall, the LOWA Director at 573-434-4400

LOWA Landscape Professional Partners

Want to become a LOWA Landscape Professional Partner?
Find out how by reading about it here.

Want to be a LOWA LILs Demonstration Site?

We are looking for a few special "demonstration" sites that we can use as examples for others on the benefits and beauty of LOWA LILs. We are especially interested in public areas like schools and commercial businesses, or common areas like a clubhouse for a subdivision that are open to the general public. Even for private residences we have some need for "demonstration yards" that are in areas that are highly visible or accessible to the public for viewing.

If you have a large LOWA LILs project in mind that will exceed the cost-share cap, and you would be willing to be used as a LOWA LILs Demonstration Site, extra cost-share funds can be made available on a case-by-case basis. Contact us, to see what we can do!

LOWA LILs demonstration sites must:

  • Display signs designating areas as LOWA LILs and explaining how the feature reduces runoff to the lake
  • Have pictures and the address featured in LOWA brochures and website
  • Allow public tours for press

LOWA Landscape Professional Partner

The Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance (LOWA) program to encourage Low Impact Landscapes (LILs) that help reduce or control storm water runoff before it reaches our beautiful lake has recently had funds become available that provide cost-share benefits for these types of landscaping projects. We are looking for professional landscapers that would like to partner with LOWA in providing these reduced cost projects for lake area residences and commercial buildings.

What is the benefit to you as a professional landscaper?

LOWA will maintain a list of all participating landscapers with contact information on its website (free advertising!) The LOWA LILs Trained Volunteer Evaluator (TVE) program that regularly gets calls from homeowners and businesses that are interested in these projects will be visiting and encouraging all of these clients to take advantage of this program, and will be referring these clients to our landscaping professional partners (referrals!). If you are already working with clients that have upcoming projects (or parts of projects) that meet our guidelines, this could be a way for you to make their project more affordable. Photographs of completed projects will be displayed on our website along with credit to the landscaper (more free advertising!)

Becoming a LOWA Landscape Professional Partner

Landscapers must agree to provide a 10% discount on their services, up to the first $4,000 of the bill (maximum $400 discount from the landscaper). On top of this LOWA will be providing 10% cost-share funds up to the first $4,000. That adds up to a significant savings to your clients on projects that meet or exceed the $5,000 cap.

Landscapers must provide a written estimate that details the work to be done. If the project also includes work that is not eligible for the cost-share program, the estimate must break out cost estimates with subtotals for eligible and non-eligible costs separated.

Cost-share Program Operation

  1. Before work begins, landscapers must work with the client and the LOWA LILs TVE program to have plans and costs pre-approved. The dollar amount of the cost-share benefit provided by LOWA will be set in this pre-approval.
  2. After work is completed landscapers must submit a signed Cost Share Reimbursement Form to LOWA detailing completed work and cost.
  3. Only portions of the project that meet LOWA LILs guidelines may be submitted to the cost-share program.
  4. When LOWA receives the Cost Share Reimbursement Form, a TVE will visit the completed project to confirm work was done as expected, and get photographs for display on the LOWA website.
  5. LOWA reimburses the Landscaper for the amount specified in the pre-approval.

Slow it down — Spread it out — Soak it in

What type of projects are eligible for this program?
Any improvements that reduce or control storm water runoff into the lake, local streams or storm sewers qualify. Examples are:

  • Adding or repairing terraces along with native or low maintenance vegetation to steep slopes to slow the progress of storm water down the slope and a place for it to soak in.
  • Adding rain gardens that divert runoff from impervious surfaces like roofs, patios, and parking areas into areas were it has time to soak in.
  • Installing compost socks to catch and slow runoff on slopes or create raingardens.
  • Removing landscaping river rock and replacing with vegetation, especially native and low maintenance plantings that provide shade, soak up runoff, require little irrigation or fertilizer.
  • Adding rip-rap.
  • Adding trees or shrubs intended to shade houses or foundations
  • Replacing turf grass that required mowing with native and low maintenance plants
  • Adding rain barrels
  • Converting eroded areas to a series of vegetated and mulched berms that will catch and soak up future runoff.
  • Adding or converting an existing patio to pervious pavers
  • Removing a flume, concrete or rocky channel that funnels runoff directly into the lake, streams or storm sewers.

Examples of projects that do NOT reduce runoff and are NOT eligible for the cost-share funds are:

  • adding (or repairing or replacing) patios, sidewalks, concrete or stone steps.
  • adding (or repairing or replacing) irrigation systems
  • adding barbeque pits or outdoor fireplaces
  • creating a rock "lawn"
  • adding (or repairing or replacing) a flume or rocky channel that funnels runoff directly into the lake, streams, or storm sewers.
  • Are you a professional landscaper working in the Lake of the Ozarks area?
    Would you like to participate in getting discounts for your clients from the LOWA cost-share program?

    Then fill out the attached form and a LOWA representative will contact you or call our Executive Director Donna Swall at 573-434-4400.

    Insturctional Video Series for Landscapers

    CWP instructional video series on Low Impact Development practices for the Landscape Industry:

    The Center for Watershed Protection and the Chesapeake Stormwater Network have developed a three part instructional video series on Low Impact Development construction, installation and maintenance specifically for the Landscape Industry.

    State and local regulations are increasingly requiring the implementation of Low Impact Develop techniques in developed areas to help reduce the impacts of stormwater on local water bodies. This shift in approach to managing stormwater offers significant opportunities for landscape contractors to expand their service portfolios and their businesses to participate in this growing market niche. Many of the techniques and equipment used to build and maintain these practices are similar to those already used by landscape professionals. The videos are tailored to landscape contractors who may be interested in expanding their business model to include LID projects.

    The video series covers sound construction practices and typical construction sequences of LID practices to ensure that it functions as designed. The video series offers tips on how to conduct routine maintenance of LID-type stormwater management practices and key things to look for to make sure that the BMP is operating appropriately. The video series also identifies common approaches to inspections and maintenance problems.

    These videos were produced by the Center for Watershed Protection in cooperation with the Chesapeake Stormwater Network with funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and additional support from Walmart and the Keith Campbell Foundation.

    The videos can be viewed and downloaded here:

    Please contact Bryan Seipp at bts@cwp.org at the Center for Watershed Protection if you are interested in receiving a hard copy of the video for training purposes.

    Cost-share Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. I don't live on the lake front, but my yard drains into a creek or storm water system close to the lake. If my project is reducing storm water runoff, am I eligible for the cost-share program?

      Yes. All storm water reduction projects in the area surrounding the Lake of the Ozarks are eligible.


    2. I don't live in the LOWA "focus area" (first 18 main channel miles from the dam), can I use the cost-share program?

      Yes. Any sites that are in the watershed for the Lake of the Ozarks, including the coves, arms, second-tier homes, residential and commercial areas surrounding the lake are eligible.


    3. I am a Do-It-Yourself person. If I am not working with a landscaper, can I still use the cost-share program to pay for my materials?

      Yes. It follows the same basic process (pre-approval including a sketch and cost estimates). It will also require more record keeping on your part including a detailed record of costs and time spent on the project, and copies of all receipts.


    4. I have some commercial property, but it has a parking lot that drains into the municipal storm water system. Is this property eligible for the Cost-share Program?

      Yes. This program is not limited to private residences, if you are adding something like a rain garden that redirects water to the retention area and from your parking lot away from the storm water sewers, this qualifies for the Cost-share Program.


    5. I want to add some landscaping to my yard that will reduce storm water runoff, like a vegetative buffer strip down by my seawall, and I like some of the native plants available from LOWA, but there are also other plants that are non-natives that I really love, and I want to use some of those too. Will the landscaping around these other plants be covered by the cost-share funds?

      Probably. You are not excluded from planting non-natives. If the overall nature of the project still helps reduce storm water runoff then it will very likely be approved.


    6. What if I already put in some landscaping that qualifies as LILs, can I use the cost-share program on landscaping that I have already put in?

      Possibly, if the project was installed sometime after January 2011 (the time the grant started), it may be covered. We would need to get some documentation that showed how the project helped reduce runoff, and that it was installed since the grant period began.


    7. What if my project includes LOWA qualified LILs, but also includes other aspects like a new sidewalk and watering system? Will the cost-share program cover those parts of my project too?

      No, the limitations of the grant require that the cost-share benefits only apply to measures that will control and reduce storm water runoff into the lake. Landscapers will be required to give written estimates that separate the portions of the project that are eligible for cost-share from the parts of the project that are not eligible.


    8. I already have a landscaper that I really like to work with. Do I have to use the landscaper from your program?

      We would like to work with more landscaping companies. If the landscaper that you wish to work with will agree to the terms of the program including the 10% discount on the the first $5,000 of their bill, then yes we can!


    9. How do I get my landscaper to participate in the cost-share program?

      As we ar working on the pre-approval process, LOWA will also work with your landscaper to ensure they can meet the program guidelines for landscapers (need link to landscaper info here).


    10. My landscaping project is all LOWA LILs qualified, but it is much bigger than the $5,000 cap. Can I get cost-share to kick in more?

      Please discuss this with us. If you are willing to be a Demonstration Site, the program may be able to go above the standard cap amount. See more about being a Demonstration Site


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