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Beautiful Yards for a Healthy Lake Save Big $ With Cost-Share

What Are LOWA LILs?
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What Are LOWA LILs?

Runoff Causes Gulleys


LOWA LIL's- LIL is the acronym used by LOWA and stands for "Low Impact Landscaping".

The purpose of these LILs is to minimize the deleterious effect of water run-off into the Lake of the Ozarks by incorporating various techniques of landscaping.

All the Low Impact measures and BMPs (Best Management Practices) are aimed at reducing the contaminating effects of storm water and other runoff on the Lake of the Ozarks. LOWA will encourage property owners to use many LOWA LILs through a cost-share incentive program. Utilization of these techniques have been incorporated into a LOWA program given the acronym, "BYHL", Beautiful Yards for a Healthy Lake.

LOWA LIL's are measures lake property owners can take on their own properties to reduce the amount of runoff containing sediment and other contaminants from reaching the lake. Storm water runoff rushing unabated toward the lake can result in deep gulleys such as that in the above picture and do contribute greatly to the reduction of lake water quality.

Storm water runoff is widely considered to be a major contributor to lake pollution. LOWA LIL's will team up with the Master Naturalist and the Master Gardeners to help homeowners develop beautiful, low maintenance landscaping or rain gardens.

Gov Nixon and

Governor Presents Grant to LOWA

(see pdf of actual grant) to Executive Director Donna Swall
Nixon Quote

Governor Jay Nixon presented the Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance with a $740,000 grant Thursday, Feb. 17 at the AmerenMissouri scenic overlook in Lake Ozark Grant funds will be used to help protect and improve the water quality of Lake of the Ozarks. Presenting with Gov. Nixon was Department of Natural Resources Director, Sara Parker Pauley.

The grant, along with an accompanying $496,000 in-kind matching funds, went to LOWA, and will be used to help reduce the amount of contaminants in stormwater reaching the lake by encouraging landscaping techniques that minimize runoff.

The project will focus on stormwater runoff pollution in the Buck Creek and Lick Branch sub-watersheds. These sub-watersheds begin at Bagnell Dam and encompass the first 18.8 miles of the Lake�s main channel and accompaning coves. This area was chosen because it is the most urbanized area of the Lake. It includes; Osage Beach, Lake Ozark, Laurie, Sunrise Beach and the Village of Four Seasons.

"We all recognize the importance of a healthy Lake of the Ozarks to our economy " ...read more

The goal is to cover the lakeshore with LILs by teaching home owners how to build rain gardens and use rain barrels and vegetated buffer strips. ...read how to build a rain barrel.



(also see Sources Info on Required Fertilizer)

Soil Test Incentive A Huge Success;

A 50 percent soil testing discount was offered to the first 50 people who signed up and that number was quickly exceeded.

The soil test will now cost $13... LOWA volunteers or a member of Master Garderners will collect five or six samples per yard and composite the soil for one test that the homeowner may use to determine what needs to go into their soil to assure healthy plant growth, save money on unnecessary fertilization, and limit the entry of excess nutrients into the lake. Sign Up Here For Soil Test

Once your soil test has been submitted and analyzed in the University of Missouri lab, the analytical results will be sent to LOWA and then forwarded to you. You may then consult with LOWA as to the meaning and interpretation of the test results. For those who prefer a better personal understanding of the results, take a look at the LOWA Guide to Nutrient Management.

Guide to Local Sources of Fertilizers


OK, your soil has been analyzed, results reviewed and recommendations made as to the amount of fertilizer needed and as to what type of fertilizer is needed. Your next problem will be to find a local source for that fertilizer. Go to the LOWA Fertilizer Availability chart to find that information and also see About Fertilizers.

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