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Current Date and time: 02/10/2013 - 16:26pm


LOWA Paddlers

yellow kayak

Want a free lesson on kayak paddling?
Want to join and make new friends in a Kayak Meet-up?
Want a calm and safe place on the Lake of the Ozarks to paddle?

Calling all paddlers and wanna-be paddlers in the Lake of the Ozarks area. You are invited to join the party the second Saturday of the month from May through September at the HaHa Tonka State Park.

LOWA Paddlers will be there from 8:30 am to noon with kayaks that would-be paddlers can use. The LOWA Paddlers will be there to encourage and assist you.

Experienced paddlers will enjoy the opportunity to paddle with and exchange information with other Lake of the Ozarks area kayak paddlers. Watch here for special events during the season.


HaHa Tonka Cove To Have New Kayak Launch Facility

(see finished ranp and steps here)

April 18, 2013 saw the "cornerstone" laid for the new kayak launch facility at the HaHa Tonka cove.
In spite of the chilling cold and wind and the threat of continuing rain, a good sized crowd braved the weather to join in this celebration.

Why all the fuss?
While the HaHa Tonka cove is a great place to kayak or canoe, it is a real chore to get your boat into the water. LOWA�s very own Barbara Fredholm decided it was time to fix that problem and she proceeded to do just that.

Barb, with help from LOWA's Executive Director Donna Swall and Project Manager Caroline Toole came up with a possible solution. But they needed more help and it was provided. First, they needed approval from Missouri DNR and Park Manager Nancy Masterson managed to obtain that. The plan was to put in rip-rap to protect the kayak launch area and install stone steps down into the water. A costly proposition to be sure, but from where will the funds come? Well, it just so happens that part of the Healthy Lake grant to LOWA includes funds for demo sites, including the use of rip-rap. What better location for such a demo site than the HaHa Tonka State Park?

But still more help was needed. Rock Works, the rip-rap supplier, stepped up to the plate and agreed to provide the rip-rap and labor for installation of the stone steps. Schultz Surveying and Engineering also jumped in to help by providing the engineering and design of the kayak launch.

A Slick Slide: One of the nicest features of the new launch area is a kayak launch slide. It will be constructed so that a person can simply place their kayak on to a slide arrangement that allows the owner to hold on to the kayak rope and let it slide down into the water. When they are ready to leave he/she puts the boat on the slide and pulls it back up. At present it takes two people to carry the kayak to the water and two to get it back up. When the footing is wet it is slippery and it would be easy for someone to fall. The Ha Ha Tonka staff is working on the best material to use and will construct the slide.

That just leaves the cost of the stone steps themselves as the last hurdle and LOWA's Donna Swall says, "�let's go ahead full speed because I know that too will be provided." Just to prove that point, LOWA board member Jack Bay was the first to donate $90 for one of the steps. Now we just need you to step forward and buy another of the needed 14 steps to make the project complete.

March 21 Party to Watch Kayak Launch Rip-rap Installation

So come join us at 11 a.m. Thursday March 21 as we party and watch how rip-rap is put in place and as we celebrate this start of construction of the HaHa Tonka State Park Kayak Launch.

First Kayak Meet-up of 2013

The first Kayak Meet-up of 2013 will be on Saturday May 11 from 8:30 a.m. to noon. The new Kayak Launch should be ready for that first Kayak Meet-up at which all are encouraged, experienced paddlers or not, to come join the fun. The Kayak Meet-up will take place at the same time and place every second Saturday of the month through September.


For a first-hand account of the evolution of the HaHa Tonka Kayak Launch, read this story by Barbara Fredholm)

The Finished HaHa Tonka Kayak Launch Ramp and Steps:

HaHa Cove Kayak Launch


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